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What is the Series 7 Exam?

by Series 7 Tutor

The Series 7 Exam is the General Securities Representative Qualification Examination. It is required to pass the Series 7 Exam if you work for a broker/dealer and are a new employee or trainee, and you want to work as an agent or registered representative of the company. The Series 7 Exam has 250 questions, and the passing score is 72%. The sections of the Series 7 Exam include Options, Municipal Debt... read more

Series 7 Exam Prep

by Series 7 Tutor

Series 7 Exam Prep is important. Students wanting to pass the Series 7 Exam and earn a Series 7 license must be prepared and study efficiently in order to pass the first time. Series 7 Exam prep with an online training package can be the key cog in any training program, because students will be able to take quizzes, practice exams, and even watch training videos on... read more

Top 5 Questions New Clients Ask Me About the Series 7 Exam

by Series 7 Tutor

1. What is so great about passing the Series 7 Exam? Not only will you get to tell your friends and family that you passed the Series 7 Exam, but you’ll get to enter the securities industry, where fortunes are made. Just ask Warren Buffett if equities are a good investment.... read more

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