Tutoring Terms

Tutoring Terms


Terms for Students


Agreement of the terms listed below is required to become tutored.  Buying tutoring hours indicates your agreement with these terms.


All student information is kept confidential.  Your privacy is important to us.


Payment for all tutoring hours must be received in advance of any tutoring sessions.


If a student is late to a tutoring session, the student will only be tutored for the remainder of the scheduled tutoring session.  Tutoring sessions are not prolonged due to a student being late to the session.  Students are encouraged not to miss any time scheduled, as that scheduled time will not be made up.  If a student is more than 15 minutes late to a session, that session is deemed cancelled, and the student still must pay for the entire session with no refund given.


If a student misses a tutoring session, no refund is given.  The tutor still had to block out time for the session and couldn't do anything else for that scheduled time. 


If a tutor is late to a scheduled tutoring session, the session will be prolonged by the number of minutes that the tutor was late so that the student still receives the entire tutoring time period. 


At least 24 hours notice is required to reschedule a tutoring session.  If at least 24 hours notice is not given to reschedule a tutoring session, then that session must still be paid for.  This is because a tutor could have been tutoring another student during that time and this additionally causes scheduling conflicts.


Refunds for tutoring hours are not granted.  Credits due to cancellation (at least 24 hours notice) of scheduled sessions are given in the form of make-up sessions.  Make-up sessions must be used within 60 days of the original cancelled session.  Make-up sessions must be scheduled with the Company and Tutor.


If a student wishes to be tutored for additional hours, the hours must be bought from series7tutor.com.  The student will then be directed back to the tutor for the tutoring session.  Tutors are not authorized to accept money from students.


Neither Series 7 Tutor LLC nor the tutors guarantee that a student will pass the exam or achieve a certain score.  Past performance has shown that not everyone who takes a financial licensing exam passes the exam.


Website content for series7tutor.com is copyrighted and property of Series 7 Tutor LLC.  Content cannot be used without express written permission from Series 7 Tutor LLC.

Series 7 Tutor LLC does not accept unsolicited ideas for services, products, processes, plans, materials, methods, or other ideas.

The laws of the State of Texas govern these terms.  In the event any portion of these terms is found to be void it shall not affect the remaining provisions of said terms, and such remaining terms shall remain in effect and be binding on the parties.